The Depth Of The Ocean

Charlie loves the beach, and the ocean. As soon as we get to the beach he loves to take off his shoes and run through the sand and splash in the water. It doesn’t matter if the rocks are covered in seaweed, or there are fish swimming around his feet. Me? If by some chance that I have to walk in the water (and with a toddler who loves getting wet, I get the pleasure of getting my feet wet), you better believe that I will have shoes on. Because I know what is under the water sometimes isn’t pretty.

Be Free And Fly

Summertime is one of my favorite seasons. After the Winter, it is nice to hear the laughter of children playing outside in their bare feet, the smell of fresh cut grass, the fragrance of flowers, and the welcoming of friends for backyard BBQ’s. Along with the fun parts of summer, warmer weather also means that I get out of the house more often and enjoy God’s creation. As a working mom of 2, sometimes it can be hard though to get some quiet time in the middle of all of the Summer happenings.

Til Kingdom Come

A couple weeks ago, Mike was trying to get Charlie to jump in a pool, but Charlie was scared to jump if his dad wasn’t holding his hand. As Charlie stood at the edge of the pool with his life vest on, Mike kept saying I am strong and courageous, I won’t be afraid over Charlie until Charlie eventually took the leap into his father’s arms. As this was playing out, I couldn’t help but think that this was a direct reflection on our spiritual walk. I could imagine what was going through Charlie’s mind, even as he was asking his dad to catch him. What if my life vest doesn’t work? What if my dad doesn’t catch me? What if I sink? And my mind can so easily be consumed by fears like this,…

The Wonder Of Chasing Seagulls

100. This is blog 100. Please be excited with me! When I began blogging I never dreamed I would ever write so many posts. But here is is. More about blog 100 next week, but since I began blogging my husband always reads my posts before they go up. He loves to be involved in my writing this way. Also, each week he asks me what my blog is going to be about, and a couple weeks ago my answer to him was that I didn’t know. He responded to that by saying “you should write about that song Wonder”. Now I thought that was a terrible idea. Although I love the song, I didn’t feel like I had anything to write about, until Charlie asked us to have dinner at the beach. When…

What Seeds Grow

Happy Sunday Friends. I usually don’t post much besides my Friday’s, but I wrote this today in follow up to Friday’s post. It is a big blog week for me, so I wanted to post it tonight. As like many of you, I don’t remember a ton from my days growing up, but there are distinct memories that have stayed with me my entire life. There are moments of joy and laughter, but also moments of fears and tears. I remember waking up in the middle of the night as a young girl crying because of the song “Puff the Magic Dragon”. Go ahead laugh. But even from an early age, I was aware what the words meant. This little boy forgot his friend. That thought to me was traumatizing, and pretty tragic.