Beautiful one, I believe our lives have a purpose.  He gives each of us a story that is unique and that can be used for something beautiful.  I believe in being real, so let me continue by saying something really important about myself. Coffee, chocolate, and pink roses are my love languages, and I will use any excuse possible to make cupcakes. Now since we have covered that, you can find out more about me by reading more about me (including what my real love languages are) by following the link below, or by reading my weekly blog.

I welcome you to follow me as I follow His path to something beautiful.



I am so thankful you are here. Each week I share the story of my faith, my fears, and His unending grace and love. To read my weekly posts follow the link below. My hope is that no matter what season you are in, that you will have a renewed sense of Hope, and purpose in who He created you to be.