The Day My Friend Went And Got A Baby

What happened to your face? That was the question I was asked when I dropped Charlie and Olivia off at their daycare on Wednesday. It took a brief look in the mirror to realize why I was asked that question. I had mascara all over my face. Now my husband had told me before I left the house that I had it on my face, but he didn’t tell me that is was as bad as it was and that I shouldn’t have left the house with my face in the condition it was.

Normally this happens when I am having a rough day, but Wednesday was different. I was so consumed with thoughts of God’s faithfulness, that the thought of looking into the mirror didn’t occur to me.  Read More

Abiding Through The Noise

Chaos. That is what it felt like when I got home from a play date last week. I come home and open the front door to get Charlie and Olivia in the house, and our lovely dog, Langston darts out the front door just as a salesman parks his car in front of our house. This was not exactly what I needed, as I had about 10 minutes to get in the house, feed Olivia and put her down for a nap, and pump before the babysitter came so I could leave for lunch. Read More

What I Am Remembering On Mother’s Day

It has been awhile since I thought of the baby we lost, but today in church tears streamed down my face. I cried for the love I have for my children, all of my children. Even the little one that would have turned one this month, the one who resembled Charlie when I saw her in a dream shortly before the miscarriage. She was beautiful, and her face I will never forget. Tears flowed out of the beauty of being in God’s presence as  I remembered. I let the tears flow for all of the moms who have children and love them dearly, but still there are children that they lost who are in heaven. And I cried for the mom who will be delivering their bundle of joy soon, only to pass them off to the mom who she chose to be the adoptive mom of the baby she carried. A mother will never forget her child, and that is beautiful. Read More

With Every Step You Take

Charlie loves trains. That is actually an understatement, if trains could be a love language, that would be Charlie’s. Thomas the tank engine is his favorite.

Charlie on his way to get on the bus.  You can see how excited he is for the day…daddy too!

Knowing this, Mike thought it would be a great idea to get Charlie tickets to a Thomas event for his 3rd birthday. We wanted this to be a special day just for him, and we kept this a secret from him for about 4 months, until last weekend when it was time to give him his surprise. We made the whole day special, beginning with getting munchkins from Dunkin Donuts (and of course coffee for mom and dad). Every few minutes he kept asking us where we were going, and we kept telling him that he would love it! I am sure with the long car ride (1 hour and 15 minutes to be exact), he may have thought to himself that the surprise couldn’t be that good if he had to wait that long, but if he was having those thoughts they quickly began to disappear the second we parked the car. Read More

To The Ones I Will Never Forget

Over the years, I have come across many people that I will never forget. I remember their laughs, and their cries. I remember how I felt when I was with them. Over the past few months I have written notes to them. They will never see these notes, but maybe they will encourage you if you are in a similar place as them… The first note is to a young girl I met in Rwanda.  The second is to a woman I met at Bethlen Home, and the third is someone that I have heard about, but have never met. I do hope that the words meant for them will speak to you. Read More

The People We Meet Along The Way

Can I be honest with you? In regards to following where God leads, I miss the mark. There are so many time that I don’t listen to His still small whisper, and go on with my day as if His voice didn’t exist. However, sometimes I listen, and when I do, He moves. The day before Easter was one of those days when I listened. Read More

When God Melts The Heart

251710_654349840780_2214384_nI was looking for God. I definitely wasn’t looking for new friends. When it came to meeting new people, I was like a stubborn child, who would stomp her little feet on the floor when she didn’t want to eat her dinner. I loved my friends (still do!), and they were enough. But unbeknownst to me, as I was looking for God, He was discreetly melting my stubborn heart of stone to allow new friendships to begin. One of those friendships was with Jen. Read More

The Word That Changed Everything

Charlie wasn’t listening. It happens more often when he doesn’t get a good nights sleep, and Monday night he didn’t get a good nights sleep.  Tuesday night brought quite a bit of fussiness from him mixed with a lot of not listening. Bed time wasn’t going well.  I wanted him to put on his pajamas, and he wanted to play with his trains. I finally got him to put on his pajamas and as I was helping him put on his shirt I calmly said to him “Charlie, what is going to help you listen better?” And he didn’t miss a beat when he said one word. Read More

The Day Hope Prevailed

Jess, my name is Jess. Over the years many people have called me Jen. I think it is because I have a close friend named Jen. Recently, my boss called me Jen like 5 times.  It doesn’t really bother me, because ultimately I know there is a God that knit me together in my mothers womb and knows me by my true name. Read More

I. Call. Victory.

This past week has been a whirl wind. I was preparing for a work trip not only in the office, but also at home. It was a week of transitioning to Mike putting Olivia down for sleep, as I usually do it, Charlie getting diagnosed early last week with a “little cold” , and pretty much almost everything that could go wrong was going wrong. I am sure you are familiar with those types of weeks. Progressively Charlie got worse and worse, and knowing I was leaving for a business trip later in the week, Mike and I sat down and said “What do we do? He is extremely fussy, won’t sleep, has a constant fever, and is barely eating. This is not a little cold”. Read More